हिस्सेदारी - حصّےداری - Hissedari: Stakeholders for Change

Campaign Against Online Hate and Propaganda

This is an initiative to groom Internet users in India to counter fake news and hatred on social media. We need volunteers to join our work. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers, Internet and smartphones can join. But the more important requirement is your dedication to counter online hate and fake news. Browse through the following resources that we are adding every day, and tell us how you can contribute.

An online course to counter online hate and fake news
Video recordings available

Some resources on busting hate speech

Our anti-hate toolkit (on Google Drive)

How to detect and counter fake videos, photos and hate speech

The Socially Relevant Meme Factory

Indian Media's Hate Against Muslims Amid Coronavirus

Kaise bane sapnon ka Bharat (How to make India of our dreams)

Who are we / Ektara group

बदलाव में आप की हिस्सेदारी  بدلاؤ میں آپ کی حصے داری