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E-course on Countering Online Hate and Propaganda

Videos of the E-course

Following are the unedited recordings of the sessions of this online course that was held in May-June 2020.
These are private videos. Please do not share publicly without permission. Details about the Course.

Introductory session: 30th May 2020

6th June 2020 – Main session:


13 June 2020 – Main session:


22 June 2020 - Main session:


An online course to counter online hate and fake news

Some resources on busting hate speech

Our anti-hate toolkit (on Google Drive)

How to detect and counter fake videos, photos and hate speech

The Socially Relevant Meme Factory

Indian Media's Hate Against Muslims Amid Coronavirus

Kaise bane sapnon ka Bharat (How to make India of our dreams)

Who are we / Ektara group

बदलाव में आप की हिस्सेदारी  بدلاؤ میں آپ کی حصے داری