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The Socially Relevant Meme Factory

Memes are images, videos, pieces of text etc., often humorous, that are copied and shared by Internet users, to send out a message or simply a fun fact. Because they are so popular, we need to use this medium to send messages of peace, tolerance and justice etc. You can either copy a nice meme from the internet to share or make one yourself. Normally, you would need a graphics software like Photoshop, Illustrator or CorelDraw, but even simple and free software can also be used. For video editing or animation you may need more advanced app. But the first requirement really is a bright idea – you can always find a way to execute the idea. You can also use some of the following websites to make new memes, or use the memes we are giving below (simply copy/download them into your device and then post on whichever social media site you like):






Please suggest some ideas on making of new memes. Or contribute the memes that you have created. Thanks


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The Socially Relevant Meme Factory

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