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E-course on Countering Online Hate and Propaganda

Be a Digital Influencer Against Online Hate in India

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Today, as Internet is being misused to spread hatred, racism and propaganda against certain groups, there is need to prepare citizens to use the cyberspace with caution and vigilant eyes. This workshop/course prepares any citizen/netizen to browse and use the Internet with a critical eye for various kinds of false or fake news, doctored media and hateful messaging and discussions that promote violence, disharmony and intolerance in society. The focus currently is on India, but the course material can be used for any region of the world.

Who is eligible to join the workshop: Anyone who uses the Internet and knows the basic software and apps can take this course/workshop and apply its learning in their everyday browsing experience, and help build a healthy, honest, just, equitable society.

Where and how to take the course: This course is available online for anyone to take from the comfort of their home. But it is always more beneficial to join a real classroom with an instructor. If you have an institution or group of people who would like to participate in the workshop, you can invite us to your institution, or suggest/offer a space which we can use.

How long is the workshop: Depending on the time the participants can commit, we offer an introductory (1) 2 hours, (2) half a day, (3) full day, or (4) 2 full-days workshop (of course, with tea/lunch etc. when required). But it doesn't end there. After taking the introductory course, the participants will be encouraged to remain connected with our movement and continue to bust fake news, online hate and propaganda. We will post the stories and case studies discovered by our participants on our website, and will also provide them certificates of completion of workshop.

The course is divided into the following broad modules:

1. Recent history of the misuse and exploitation of Internet and data
2. How to differentiate between authentic and unreliable sources of information
3. What is fact-checking and online/offline research
4. How to bust fake or false news and statements
5. How to check authenticity of images, audio and videos
6. Actions to be taken after finding unethical content
7. Documenting and reporting unethical content
8. Building and maintaining online communities
9. Scientific method and the etiquettes of debating/proving
10. Writing petitions, memorandums and litigations
11. Writing and designing memes, posts, tweets, and photo-info-graphics
12. Producing short videos, audio/video editing

Apart from the technical aspects of social media, we also discuss the politically correct content that needs to be promoted via media. Some aspects of that can be seen on our campaign Kaise bane sapnon ka Bharat (How to make the India of our dreams).

Each of the above modules will involve some reading and watching videos. After reading/watching each module, the participant is supposed to do online practicals based on the lesson. Your course will be considered completed once you submit all the practicals. After the completion of the course, you’ll get a completion certificate. But your work/volunteering should continue even after the course completion. A selection of your successful and important reports will be featured on our website. You can complete the course at your own speed. But we recommended you to complete it within six months, although you may start working as a volunteer even before completing the course.

To join our upcoming workshops in New Delhi (for example one on 6th March 2020), or to offer us a space or resources for a possible workshop, please write to us at saeed.yousuf@gmail.com, or register for our course by sending us an email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (esp. if available on WhatsApp or Signal app)
  • How much time (hours/days) can you dedicate for this project every week or month.

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