हिस्सेदारी - حصّےداری

Hissedari: Stakeholders for Change

Hissedari, an informal group of activists and professionals, aims to help the marginalized communities of India:

  • to spread awareness about basic education, health, and water etc. available in their area as a right
  • to educate about social inequality, caste, communal prejudice, religious fundamentalism, and corruption in India, and ways to tackle these evils
  • to educate and train citizens about their democratic rights and duties; also what welfare schemes are available for them
  • to give awareness about ecology and climate change, and the role they can play in preserving the environment
  • to upgrade their professional skills to find employment and start entrepreneurship
  • to enhance their traditional skills of handicrafts, home industry, and agricultural produce etc., especially helping in the marketing of their products
  • to educate them about how news media and social media works to manipulate the masses, and how not to get swayed by fake news etc.
  • to educate about the values of science and scientific thinking in everyday life
  • to inculcate a sense of hissedari or stakeholding among the citizens, families and groups in bringing a change in India.

The above aims will be achieved through various activities such as the following:

  • Conducting regular workshops and courses with local residents, involving experts in the field using latest teaching methods and information technology etc.
  • These workshops will be followed by activities and an assessment of their outcomes.
  • Organizing local fairs and markets to allow entrepreneurs, organic farmers and home industry owners to bring their products for sale and exhibition in different areas.
  • Creating website and online marketing for the products of our entrepreneurs.
  • Networking and liaison between different groups doing similar work.

If you think you can be a stakeholder for change in India, do contact us for being a volunteer or a hissedar. We also seek support to carry out our activities. Thank you

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